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TSK® Antimicrobial Ice Mask - 24 Stück
the TSK Antimicrobial Ice Mask creates the combination of relief and infection control for the patient pre and post injections. By combining Benzalkonium Chloride with the well known and accepted Ice Mask cooling method, Features & Benefits Of TSK Antimicrobial Ice Mask: Pre-injection sanitiser & numbing agent (Disinfect the skin pre-injection + Reduce sensitivity of pain sensors), apply the TSK Antimicrobial Ice Mask pre-injection as a sanitiser and numbing agent. The Antimicrobial Benzalkonium Chloride disinfects the skin, while the Ice Mask cooling method relaxes and reduces the sensitivity of the facial nerve sensors to pain, 1 Box; 24 Pieces
Hersteller: TSK Laboratory Europe BV
Farbe: I Preis €: 80,75 netto
Artikelnr.: EGM-7767
TSK® Blunt Vial Access Needle 21G x 40 mm (1 1/2")
also knwon as: FINE-JECTTSK® - Blunt Vial Access Needles are cost efficient blunt fill needles specifically designed to prevent needle stick injury during toxin reconstitution. These Blunt Vial Access needles are sharp enough to penetrate the rubber stopper, but reduce the risk for injury and prevent coring of the rubber stopper that could possibly result in particle contamination, designed for product draw-up, get the last drop of product, safe handling with blunt needle, low Cost, 1 Box; 100 Pieces
Hersteller: TSK Laboratory Europe BV (Henke Sass Wolf)
Farbe: I Preis €: 14,25
PZN: VIAL-21040B
Artikelnr.: EGM-7768